Holiday Closure

Northeast Indiana Works and all 11 WorkOne Northeast career centers will be closed June 19 in observance of Juneteenth. 
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WorkOne Northeast is part of a statewide network of career centers administered by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. The 11 WorkOne centers in northeast Indiana are operated by Northeast Indiana Works. Some in-person group workshops have resumed; some will still be conducted virtually.  Workshops can also be accessed at Northeast Indiana Works’ Video Gallery. 

upgrade skills at these free workshops

WorkOne Northeast’s workshops are designed to help job seekers and workers learn new skills or enhance existing ones. These instructor-led courses focus on making you a more capable employee, increasing your earning potential.

More than 20 classes are offered to help you polish interviewing skills, create winning resumes and cover letters, learn Microsoft Word and Excel, and much more. These courses are free and offered at WorkOne Northeast career centers or virtually. If you find a course you’re interested in, contact the center location to register.

18 June
Allen County WorkOne career center

Healthy Living

10:30 am - 12:00 pm

201 E. Rudisill Blvd., Ste. 102, Fort Wayne, IN 46806

20 June
DeKalb County WorkOne career center

Cover Letters

1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

936 W. 15th St., Ste. 100, Auburn, IN 46706

No event found!

Career Exploration
Which career is right for your skills and interests? This workshop can help you find out. It will help you assess career opportunities, wages, working conditions and job outlooks and introduce you to online tools that will help you make a career choice. You will also be exposed to information about the fastest growing occupations in northeast Indiana and given tips on career planning strategies, including educational opportunities, job shadowing, apprenticeships, internships and volunteering.

Computer Basics 2013
You’ll start with the basics of using a computer that has MS 2013 software. The workshop covers computer components; mouse and keyboard functions; text editing operations; file management; and computer maintenance.

Cover Letters
Learn how to construct a winning cover letter. The workshop includes the structure of a cover letter, as well as important elements, including describing qualities that align with a prospective employer’s values; facts about the company or industry; and key words and phrases.

Get a Job, Keep a Job
Learn how honesty, integrity, responsibility and other values affect landing the job and remaining employed. The workshop also covers teamwork; self-confidence; self-motivation; adaptability; upgrading skills; embracing a can-do attitude; and developing a personal mission statement.

Healthy Living
Understand how your emotional, physical, intellectual and social health affect your well-being during your job search and when you’re employed. Healthy lifestyles can lead to reduced absenteesim; increased job satisfaction; improved productivity and morale; and lower health care costs.

ICC Basics (Indiana Career Connect)
Develop your own account and learn key features available in ICC, which is a free statewide job-matching resource that helps employers find candidates and prospective employees find jobs.  The workshop includes step-by-step instructions on how to update contact information and how to navigate the basic quick menu.

ICC Job Search (Indiana Career Connect)
Learn the different ways to perform effective job searches using ICC, including conducting further research on job postings and how to utilize the Virtual Recruiter tool.

ICC Resume (Indiana Career Connect)
Learn to create effective resumes through step-by-step instruction and learn how to upload a resume created in Microsoft Office (MS) Word.

Identifying Your Skills
We’ll help you identify all of your employability skills and how to effectively communicate them to prospective employers.  The workshop will help participants pinpoint those skills that employers covet in northeast Indiana and explore keyword selection software used by employers to choose job candidates.

Interviewing with Confidence
This workshop will teach you how to communicate your skills during an in-person or phone interview; how to formulate answers to prospective employers’ questions; what to have on hand for an interview; and how to research information about the company in advance of the interview.

Intro to Internet
We’ll walk you through websites; web browsers; hyperlinks; cookies; uploading and downloading; temporary internet files; search engines and pop-ups. We’ll also explore the various uses for the internet.

Managing Your Money
Learn how to maximize your money and adjust your spending habits to help you live within your current income. This workshop covers creating and managing a budget; reducing expenses; thrifty grocery shopping; efficient use of technology; and understanding the difference between wants and needs.

MS (Microsoft) Excel 2013
Discover how to use the power of Excel to create worksheets that allow you to organize information, calculate, and display your results on a chart. (Supporting courses recommended)

MS (Microsoft) Word 2013
Create, edit, and format documents in a professional way. (Supporting courses recommended)

Networking with a Personal Brand
This is your chance to stand out from the crowd. You’ll learn how to develop a positive brand – a winning summation of who you are professionally.  You’ll then learn how to create a good first impression and promote your brand by networking with others.

Operation: Job Ready Veterans
Periodic seminars to assist military veterans in transitioning to the civilian workforce. The sessions are also open to eligible spouses of veterans, members of the Indiana National Guard or Reserve, spouses of Guard or Reserve members, and military caregivers.  This is a multiple day workshop.

Organizing a Successful Job Search

Learn the tools to stay organized, become good managers of time, and develop a plan of action. The workshop will include discussion of specific job objectives; strategies for finding a job, including networking; and research and resume development.

Resume Development
Times have changed and so have resumes. This workshop explores different resume formats to present to prospective employers. It also provides helpful online resources that can be used in developing a resume.

Resume Critique
Discover what employers are looking for in a resume and determine what is relevant to the positions you are applying for. The workshop will cover format, appearance, content, word usage and length.

Secrets of Job Applications
Are you putting information on your application that could be hurting your chances of getting hired? Learn how to master paper and online applications, including how to answer questions that could be problematic.