The group Bigger Than Us hosted its 8th Annual Easter Egg Hunt this year, thanks to a group of community volunteers. And one particular volunteer showcased the impact of her school’s Job’s for America’s Graduates (JAG) program.

Evinn DiClementi-Ross was among the young volunteers helping the Easter Bunny decorate Weisser Park in Fort Wayne.

“This event is actually pretty fun because there’s more things to engage with, and this one is actually more outright to the community and one of the most amount of people I’ve seen at one of these community events,” Evinn said in a report aired by WFFT-TV. “So, this is actually a bit more fun getting to see the community come together as a whole.”

JAG is a program for students facing barriers to graduation. There are 14 JAG programs at 13 locations across northeast Indiana. The programs are overseen by Northeast Indiana Works and administered by Brightpoint.

Evinn is part of South Side High School’s JAG program.

“JAG is all about bringing students to different jobs, different opportunities, different volunteer things to bring out the spike in them,” Evinn said.

She not only spread plastic eggs throughout the park, Evinn spent her afternoon handing out free books to young kids alongside the Brain Geeks Learn Program.

“These books show different events such as horse riding, such as planets, ecosystems, cultures and religion as well,” Evinn said.