The Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) has become aware of a cybersecurity incident involving unauthorized access to some unemployment applicants’ login email addresses and security questions in the agency’s Uplink system. DWD immediately took steps to secure the system. 

Investigators within the agency continue to research the incident, which impacted 4,264 accounts. At this time, no social security numbers were determined to have been accessed. Account holders are being notified by mail.

At least 94% of the affected accounts were dormant, meaning those account holders were not actively receiving benefits. Active account holders who are unable to log into their Uplink account should contact DWD at 1-800-891-6499 if they need to gain access.

DWD is working to further review processes and controls and continues to take all reasonable measures to ensure the security and privacy of Hoosiers’ personal information.

Affected individuals who want to take further steps to secure their information have the right to request a credit freeze from each of the three credit agencies, which is a consumer right provided by Indiana law. To place a freeze, either use each credit agency’s online process or send a letter by certified mail to each of the three credit agencies. Further information about a credit freeze can be found at: in.gov/attorneygeneral/2891.htm.