The Adams County Economic Development Corporation (ACEDC) is taking action to address a problem many Indiana communities are facing: a workforce housing shortage. ACEDC is working with Fort Wayne-based Housing Resource Hub to develop a game plan to address the challenge, Inside Indiana Business reports.

To develop the housing strategy, the partners will measure local market potential, prioritize sites for housing developments, and launch a community-wide housing initiative.

“This is a bold step for our community to address long-time workforce housing challenges,” said Colton Bickel, ACEDC executive director. “We are looking forward to identifying our specific housing needs, both for new housing units to be developed and the buyers and renters who are looking for housing here in the county.”

The Housing Resource Hub and ACEDC will engage with local employers, banks, realtors, and developers to examine the need and explore options.

“We are excited to get to work with Colton and other leaders throughout the county on this important work,” said Heather Presley-Cowen, president and chief executive officer of the Housing Resource Hub.

Bickel says the effort is being financially supported by the cities and towns in the county, as well banks and credit unions.