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Agriculture Awareness Campaign Launched

Dec 4, 2020

Northeast Indiana Works has launched a social media awareness initiative designed to encourage middle and high school students to explore the many career options in agriculture.

The initiative includes a page of information on the Northeast Indiana Works website (www.neinworks.org) and links to other helpful, interactive sites, as well as four short videos that will be posted on Facebook and Instagram. The videos target students 13- to 18-years-old.

The initiative, which generally focuses on higher-wage, higher-skilled positions, stems from two studies commissioned by Northeast Indiana Works that looked at the overall strength of the region’s agriculture industry and the educational programming that supports the industry.

The studies determined that northeast Indiana has strong food processing and durable-goods manufacturing components and that there is a need for a bolder, more consistent network of educational offerings. One of the studies recommended creating more awareness of agriculture-related careers.

“Agriculture here and elsewhere involves many skills that at first blush may go unrecognized,” said Rick Farrant, director of communications for Northeast Indiana Works. “Sustaining a robust agriculture industry requires the talents of plant, animal and soil scientists, biochemists, environmental engineers, hydrologists, veterinarians, finance, business and data specialists, genetic researchers, and precision agriculture technicians.”